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We pride ourselves in the growing reputation of our well maintained and visible mobile patrol.  We provide a sense of security for those community tenants who jog, walk their dogs or simply get home late from work.  The smiles our mobile patrol personnel receive from the community tenants is rewarding in its self.  


Should our Mobile Patrol Supervisors find anything out of the ordinary while at your facility, our security professionals will follow the written protocol set in place by management.  




We are the right choice for your security needs. TSS provides superior security services with intelligence.  Our security team is licensed, hand picked based on their qualification to perform the task requested of them.   


We know from experience that providing the best security guards is about having the right people for each specific job.  We tailor our selection process to meet the needs of every client on every job. Moving personnel around with specific skills attributes to our growing success.  


Drone Operations 

TSS has a standing partnership with Alpha Drones, an industry-leading drone operating company, to provide surveillance cameras and aerial drone imagery to protect your business. Please see additional information at: 




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