WORKERS COMPENSATION:  Our investigators are experienced working with insurance companies handling fraud cases.  Surveillance is among Tribunal's specialty, working together with insurance companies to weed-out those who abuse the system.


MATRIMONIAL/SPOUSAL:  Whenever a gut feeling is not enough, Tribunal's team of private investigators can either expose a cheating spouse or clear innocent parties of suspicion.  Information obtained can be used in litigation, custody and child/spousal support.  We provide regular updates and use experienced operatives to perform covert surveillance utilizing the latest equipment, date and time stamped DVD recordings, photographs along with written reports.  The services we offer are always carried out in the strictest confidence.  It's not an easy decision to make to have a loved one followed, but living with doubt, uncertainty and anxiety can be far worse.  


CHILD SUPPORT:  It's appalling when parents try hard to hide their true income in order to avoid paying child support.  Tribunal investigators are commited to finding the truth about their income. In family court our dated and time stamped DVD speaks LOUD ENOUGH.


LOCATE PERSON/PROPERTY:  Find that person that owes you, or property that must be reposessed.  We are experienced in locating individuals and property.  We continue to improve in our methods which brings accurate results for our clients.


BUG SWEEPING:  We have a bug sweep agents operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week, offering confirmation of technical devices or clarity for your peace of mind. We begin by listening to our clients away from the sensitive areas. Setting a protocol for the sweep away from the main building with equipments to detect sound devices and cameras.











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