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Tribunal Investigations & Security Services was founded in 2012 by Daniel R. Reefer-Hyatt, a 21-year retired veteran of the New York City Police Department. Having personally provided security services to Fortune 500 companies.  Tribunal Investigation has provided countless services with positive results to individuals and celebrities alike. 


Through a combination of outstanding people, ongoing training, state of the art technology and an absolute for customer service excellence, Tribunal Investigation & Security Services has been able to deliver total customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.


The leadership of Tribunal has traveled to Paris, London, Ghana, Panama, Egypt, etc., to constantly study security strategies and investigatory methods.  With security as a main concern to all post 911, it is crucial to remain vigilant of those who are trying to harm us.


Our list of clients continues to grow, and our company believes in self improvement.  Taking the time to understand ourselves first, will reflect in everything that we do.  Mr. Reefer-Hyatt believes that our staff plays an important roll to the success of the company, therefore everyone is encouraged to share ideas on how to improve work on a daily basis. Because we strive for excellence, we continue to impress our clientele. Let us attempt to impress you.    


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