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Maintaining our clients confidentiality and privacy is a must.  




Clients list stems from celebrities, dignitaries, corporations, law firms to individuals seeking protection or the truth. 




Retired Detectives, Supervisors to Police Officers with years of experience standing at attention to serve all your security and investigatory needs.



Our client needs are our priority at Tribunal Investigation and Security Services. We are highly trained professionals and have an excellent knowledge of our industry. Our 25 years of experience in law enforcement enable us to offer you a superior service. We work hard to keep our customers, and those they care about, out of harm's way.

Our skills are primarily about helping you quell any anxiety you have regarding the individuals who surrounds you. We believe that your concerns are legitimate and we will not judge you. Your needs come first and we help you to find the truth you deserve.

Tribunal expert investigators and security consultants strive to bring you a sense of security.  We travel all around the world to learn about the latest systems and tactics used in security and investigation.  We take your security seriously. The key to being a successful company, is allowing our team of experts to share ideas that can sometimes bring the answer to key topics.  We welcome you to contact us on our hotline and begin your free consultation.



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